Is a first person 4-player co-op game. In which each player has been given a unique objective to complete within a time limit. Once this time limit is met, the players have lost. To make it extra difficult, each objective requires two people to successfully complete it so you need to go with someone that you trust. However, trust is hard to come by in Portentous because one randomly chosen player has been infected by a mysterious organism. This player is no longer acting with the best of his friends in mind, but has also been given an objective to either kill or secretly infect the other players, in effect turning them to his side. With this in mind, non-infected player will know that they cannot trust anyone, but they still have to trust someone in order to finish the objectives or kill the infected.

  • Elias Abjörner – Producer and artist.
  • Martin Persson -Programmer.
  • Andreas Vannfält – Lead Programmer.
  • Johan Swebilius – Programmer
  • Timmy Mårtensson – Lead Artist.
  • Fredrik Borgman – Lead Design, Artist
  • Peder Beijnhoff Bergström – Artist
  • Viktor Mattson – Artist
  • Olof Berg – Artist