Project Aron

Project Aron is a first-person fighting game which employs a tactical use of elemental magic in a competitive multiplayer environment. Movement becomes a essential part of this gameplay, and the environments are encompassed by the concept of truly free movement and maneuvrability.

The first iteration of the game focuses only on player movement and controls, and will thus be a time trial only variant of it.

Engine: Unreal Development Kit
Platform: PC

* (Project Lead) Tobias ‘Dopefish’ Lundmark
* (Lead Programmer) Firtina ‘toxicFork’ Ozbalikci
* (Lead Sound Designer) Seann ‘Big Dirty’ Maria
* (Sound Designer) Hrishikesh ‘Rishi’ Dani
* (Environment Artist) Jonathan Armstrong
* (Level Designer) Matt Lefevere
* (Character Concept Artist) Patryk ‘CZERW’ Reczko
* (Character Modeler) Matthew ‘Lapis’ Tan
* (Writer) Andrew Dobbs