After a long journey of raiding and booty-finding, the Scallywags must return to port! But how will they survive the journey with such a skeleton crew?

‘Scallywags!’ is a chaotic, couch co-op game where you and your friends need to survive the journey over the open seas. However, this is easier said than done as everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

Download and play Scallywags!!


  • Jari Hanski – Programming,
  • Felix Åberg – Programming,
  • Oscar Svan – UX design / Assistant management / Technical Art,
  • Josephine Bengtsson – 2D Art,
  • Max Niva – 3D Art,
  • Mauricio “Mao” Singh Martinez – Game Design / Music,
  • Nike Törnros – Project management / Trailer director