Tamarrion (2016)

In Tamarrion the player takes the role of a might paladin whose only goal is to fight boss monsters which no other human could match. The player can customise items and spells in order to fit the game to their very own play style. By using spells provided by the gods, Tamarrion can unleash mighty special abilities to aid when all seems impossible.

Tamarrion (2016) on the Gotland Game Conference show floor

Camilla von Paykull – Producer/Lead Artist
Oskar Lidh Frykmark – Lead Designer
Sebastian Rosenblad – Lead Programmer
Måns Löf – 3D Art
Zlatan – Music
(Tomas Lindell – Programmer)
(Anthon Fredriksson – Programmer)

Built in Unity 5, 3Ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, xNormal, After Effects, Motionbuilder, Visual Studio.