Bedtime Gory

From Room101 comes Bedtime Gory; a bizarre, bloody and imaginative game linked to the fairytale world of the brothers Grimm. It is filled with well known characters such as Red riding hood, Hans and Gretchen and The three little pigs. Bedtime Gory contains four freestanding mini games, with four different types of gameplay and adventures. All mini games are played in single mood in a rushing, fun competition against the time. To conquer the game the player needs both brains and good reflexes.

Producer: Ylva Sundström
Design: Sandra Hedman (Lead)
Graphics: Aydin Afzoud (Lead), Malin Lövenberg, Björn Nilsson
Graphics/Movies/3d: Josefin Börjesson
Programmer: Markus Flysjö (Lead), Joakim Andreasson, Robin Jensen.