Cast By Light

Control the light, to find your light. Cast By Light is a 2D single player puzzle game created for arcade and mobile. The player controls the sun with a rotating dial, creating shadows in the game to solve environmental puzzles to help the protagonist of the game Ann to find her lost partner in a grueling world where the sun is dangerous and the only way is to navigate through the shadows. Can you help Ann to find the way?

Cast By Light at the Gotland Game Conference 2019

Cast by Light was awarded the Jury Spotlight Award at the GGC 2019!


  • Josefine Skeppström – Designer,
  • Anette Essel – Graphics Artist,
  • Tove Wahlberg – Graphics Artist,
  • Karam Hariri – Programming ,
  • Erik Sander Glastra – Project Manager,
  • Miguel Redondo – Programming

Cast By Light on the Web:

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