Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean is a Myst-like adventure game, featuring a very atmospheric 2D style and a thrilling narrative.

Deep Ocean at the Gotland Game Awards 2008 show floor. (Carl Horned and Pernilla Sparrhult)

The story centres around a deep sea diver, stranded on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. You must guide him safely back to the surface, using the onboard comlink. Following along through the divers camera, you’ll both be making a disturbing exploration of the seabed…

Deep Ocean was awarded “Best Arcade Game” at Gotland Game Awards 2008.

Pernilla Sparrhult at the Gotland Game Awards 2008

Pernilla Sparrhult and Daniel Andersson at the Gotland Game Awards 2008

Producer (2D art): Pernilla Sparrhult
Lead 3D, Level design/Script: Peter Flink
Lead Programming: Carl Horned
Lead 2D: Lotta Tjernström
Animator (Script): Daniel Andersson