GodFire Forge

GodFire Forge is a game that takes place within the setting of Norse mythology. The mighty gods of Valhalla are fighting the never ending hordes of giants on the battlefields. To their aid they have you, the player, as a smith to forge their legendary weapons. As you smith their weaponry, you will have an overview of how the battle is waging. If you are slow in your smithing, the giants will over-run the Asagods and they will loose the battle. However if you are quick, the gods will gain favor in the battle and push the giants back to victory and glory.

The game is built using Unity, and the input is several big boxes were a dance-Mat is placed upon every button. A rubber mallet is served as the hammer. With the aid of your mallet, punch huge buttons to forge weapons to the Norse gods in this tug-of-war game. The screen is projected using a projector.


  • Lisa Wackenhuth Svanström – Producer
  • Evelina Foxberg – Lead Art
  • William Persson – Game Designer
  • Erik Lindgren – Lead Code
  • Johan Holmér – Lead Tech
  • Samuel Ehnberg – Lead Sound