Head Banger

Head Banger is an arcade game produced by first year students for the Gotland Game Convention 2006. It was awarded first prize and the team (and their game) got to tour Sweden; participating in Spelfest 06 and the Swedish Game Awards 2007.

The challenge is to head-bang to the beat and playing air-guitar to the sounds of a rock video. The game can be played alone or in a showdown with a friend and features bands like Refused, Morgana Lefay and The Haunted.

The cabinet had smoke machines, wireless controllers and even (in version 2) a camera recording the players and offering to print a poster of the raging rock gods after the game!

… and beer holders. These guys sure thought of everything. 🙂

Some of the people from Team Ninja went on to create Databox Games in 2008.

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