Neon Nemesis

Neon Nemesis pits up to 5 Players against each other in this 2D asymmetrical racing game. Neon Nemesis is filled with Synthwave-inspired looks, sound effects, power-ups, traps, and a custom soundtrack to match.

Neon Nemesis on the Gotland Game Conference 2018 show floor.
Neon Nemesis on the Gotland Game Conference 2018 show floor.

There is two gameplay modes to experience in Neon Nemesis. Take on the role as one of up to four Racers, intent on dodging traps and navigating the environment whilst making sure that you end up in the first place. The single Nemesis Player is sitting within the arcade cabinet, controlling the game behind the scenes using traps and tools against the Racer Players throughout the game. As a true Nemesis, you goal is to manipulate the Players and ensure they face their doom, whilst your reign remains unchallenged.

Anna Malkan Nelson – Product Owner, Designer
Anton Berglund – Scrum Master, Designer
Adam Olsson -Programmer, Designer
Alexander Peck – Programmer, Designer
Marcus Ford – Programmer, Designer
Patrik Lindkvist – Artist, Designer
Petrut Raileanu – Artist, Designer

Neon Nemesis won The Public Choice (tied with Bench Warmers) at the Gotland Game Conference 2018. And they won a slot on the show floor at alt.ctrl.GDC in San Francisco 2019!

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