Neon Strike

Fight your opponent by boxing a punching bag and moving/defending with a dance mat. Best of three rounds win. Use well timed punches and defenses to defeat your opponent.

One punching bag for each player with four input buttons on each. Top left/right for left/right head punch. Bottom left/right for left/right body punch. Dance mats will be used for movement and defense. A player blocks when walking backwards/away from his opponent.


  • Petter Willebrand Vinnberg – Designer / Product Owner.
  • Nicklas Svan√§ng – Scrum Master/Backup artist.
  • Angelos Motso – Assist Scrum Master/Sound responsible.
  • Jesper Persson – Programming, Code.
  • Malek Sharabi – Programming, Code.
  • Cristiana de Lacerda – Lead artist.
  • Chava Angeli Toptsou – Artist.