Transform into a vicious tower of doom and exterminate any threats in this fast paced cooperative arcade-action-game. Kill as many enemies as possible before you advance to the next level by rolling over them or shooting them! Use all your dexterity to outmaneuver your friends so you get the highest score or work together to get through all the levels.

Roboturusama lets the player control their robots with a trackball and only one button which makes the controls very intuitive. It doesn’t take a lot of micro or ultrafast fingers to master Roboturusama but you better be ready to spin that trackball like a person who likes to spin a trackball very much!

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Codebase: SFML C++
Tools: Sprite Sheeter (homemade), 3dsMax, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects

Producer: Dan Kalllin
Programming: Mikael Hedenström & Axel Wettervik
Lead Design: Thomas Hertz Orre
Artists: Thomas Hertz Orre, Felix Rönnholm, Marcus Särefjord

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  1. ja dehär verkar ju bli VÄRLDENS bästa spel så jag har ju enorma förväntningar. sen råkar jag ju vara jedi också och veta att de kommer vara kattens potatis.

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