Saving Blue

In Saving Blue you get to experience the struggle for survival of a fish in todays plastic polluted oceans. Take control over the fish “Blue” and help him escape a fishing net that is chasing him, by only controlling Blues tail fin. Steer through a littered 2D level into freedom to help saving Blue.

Saving Blue is played with a real fish-sculpture. You control the tail fin in the game, with the tail fin in real life. Developed for PC, tools used: Unity, Visual Studio, Photoshop & Reaper.

Download and play Saving Blue!


  • Simon Börjesson – Artist & Sound Designer
  • Elliot Padazakos – Lead Programmer & QA
  • Florian Ritter – Product Owner
  • Daniel Gligorov – Programmer
  • Ratmir Shchadrynski – Programmer
  • Ioana Parosu – Producer
  • Kenia Courtar – Artist