Surf n’ Slaughter

Surf n’ Slaughter will take you on a amazing and adventurous experience as a surfer in Southern California. In this game you surf and fight deadly creatures of the sea by using your fists and by balancing on a surfing-board.

Surf n’ Slaughter is a fast paced, 2D-dimensional, action-game. In a first-person view, you will be using your own fists which is tracked by the Kinect camera to punch deadly creatures, by doing so you gain more points. To avoid people going nuts with their arms, you will have to avoid punching friendly creatures as you loose points by punching them. Creatures can come from either left or the right side of you, which means you always have to be ready with both of your arms.

While focusing on what creatures to punch you will also have to avoid obstacles coming towards you by balancing on a actual board. If hit by a deadly creature or an obstacle you loose health, if you loose all of your health, the game is over. This game is all about having fun, but also achieving the highest score possible, by staying alive, and collecting points by punching deadly creatures.

Surf n' Slaughter


  • Christian RoupĂ© – Producer / Artist
  • Linus Augustsson – Lead Designer / Programmer
  • Jonas NapolĂ©on Yzermans – Lead Programmer
  • Oskar Lilja – Lead Artist
  • Jonathan Olsson – Artist