Thirsty? is an arcade puzzle game / vending machine where you operate bizarre machinery in order to save your precious refreshment!

The game takes place in a soda vending machine. Your objective is to use an exciting physical interface to interact with the vending machines many devices,
and get the bottle out of the machine as fast as possible. You will have to use cogwheels, conveyor belts and much more to avoid obstacles such as dangerous machinery and liquids, to get your bottle safely through each level. If you are fast and precise enough, you might just manage to win yourself a Vitamin Well through our very own beverage dispensing device.

Producer: Elias Press
Graphics: John Svetoft [Lead], Robin Lundin, Jerker Gullbrand
Programmer: Filip Nilsson [Lead],Niklas Karlzen, Nicholas Svan Larsson, Fredrik Nes Sjödin
Design: Johan Karlsson
Music: Erik Svetoft (external)