Alumni Days 2017

These are the Alumni Days for the Department of Game Design. Our amazing former students returns for three days at the end of every year, to share their experiences and insights.

You are welcome to drop in to any talk – we are in the Almedalen Library. Full program available here:

Alumni Days 2017 program
Alumni Days 2017 program

EDIT: (most) presentations are now available on our YouTube-channel!

Have you studied here? Join the Uppsala University Alumn Network. Also consider joining the Facebook group for GAME students past and present.

Here’s the program for your copy-pasting pleasures. It is tentative, though, as talks might be brought forward or delayed.

  • 14 December, Thursday
  • 10.30 “Martin Greip” – CEO, Eat Create Sleep
  • 13.00 “Teddy Sjöström” – CEO, Pixel Ferrets
  • 14.15 “Victor Magnuson” – Game Designer, Fatshark
  • 15.00 “Niklas Eneqvist” – Prop Art, Ass. Art Team Manager, Fatshark
  • 15 December, Friday
  • 10.00 “Kim Aava & Karin Bruér” – 3D Artist & Art Director, Fast Travel Games
  • 10.30 “Portfolio Review” – Kim & Karin, Fast Travel Games
  • 13.00 “Robin Flodin” – CEO, Toadman Interactive
  • 14.15 “Rabi Afram” – QA Dev Manager, King
  • 15.30 “Niklas Norin” – Lead AI & Combat designer, Avalanche Studios
  • 16 December, Saturday
  • 12.30 “Ylva Ljungqvist” – 2D Artist, Paradox Development Studio
  • 13.45 “Joakim Andreasson” – Game Designer, Paradox Development Studio
  • 15.00 “Pernilla Sparrhult” – Producer, Paradox Interactive
  • 19.30 Doors open at Ringi
  • 20.00 Alumnipanel & Party

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