Tumble Runners

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Tumble Runners is a game that takes what you love from 2D-platformers and multiplayer runners and throws it into a tumble dryer. The players will compete against each other by, running, jumping and grabbing their way to victory. While dodging dangerous traps and objects along the way. Players will also be able to toss objects into the playing field through a physical dispenser.

The game is built in Unity.

Kevin Alonso – Producer
Simon Ströberg – Lead Designer
Johannes Bengtsson – Lead Artist
Håkan Johansson – Lead Programmer
Erik Jigvall – Senior Programmer
Bengt Hagnelius – Lead Tech


Cryptogram is a puzzle-game with a hectical pace, where you as a player will interact with a bookshelf that opens hidden doors. In the game you’ll play as a person stuck in a house of madness where each room is a puzzle, an homage to the trope of hidden doors behind bookshelves.

With the help of a journal you’ll receive hints of which books to pull on the bookshelf to open the hidden door in each of the rooms. By observing the rooms and looking up the journals chapter which best describes the environment you’re in, you’ll find clues for each solution, clues hinting at titles and content of the books.

While all this is going on you’re also being chased by a horrible creature, giving the each puzzle a time-limit.

Daniel Qvarnemark – Producer
Maximillian Höglund – Lead Programmer
Beatrice Franov Johansson – Lead Art
Joakim Persson – Techincal Lead
Marcus Forslin – Lead Design
Andreas Sjögren – Lead Sound

Cryptogram was awarded Best 1st Year Project and the Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2016.

Cryptogram also won 3 categories in the Swedish Game Awards; Best Execution in Design, Best Technical Execution and Best Execution in Narrative and given a total cash prize of 21.000 SEK as well as a visit to Might and Delight.

Gravity Sling

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Gravity Sling is dodgeball in space, using gravity to fling projectiles at your opponent.

You play as one of two stars and your goal is to obliterate the other star by throwing poor unsuspecting planets right at them.

Gravity Sling is made in Unity.

Sakarias Ståhl – Producer
Sebastian Engstrand – Lead Design
Martin Månsson – Lead Art
Adrian Hedqvist – Lead Programmer
Peter Eriksson – Lead Tech


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In Trust, you are two children trapped in a mysterious forest. For gameplay, human interaction is key. You need to work together to find your way out and overcome your fears by having constant contact with the other player.

Trust is developed in Unity, and the art in Photoshop. The artstyle is inspired by John Bauer and old fairytales.

Thea Falkenmark – Producer
Amanda Svensson Alavi – Lead Art
Joni Nikander – Lead Programmer
Niclas Nordberg – Lead Designer
Matti Johansson – Lead Tech
Gustav Larsson – Lead Narrative

Adventures in Space and Slime

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Adventures in Space and Slime is an open world, 3d platformer that engages players through exploration and creative puzzle solving.

You play as a trio of slimes who have suffered a teleporter accident and have been stranded in a perilous alien world.

Using combinations of each of the three characters’ special abilities and attributes, you must find and collect the scattered remains of your teleporter in your quest to return home!

The player overcomes challenges in the game world by swapping out which of the three characters they currently control, and recalling the others to the character currently being controlled, in order to make use of each of the slimes’ special abilities.

The game is created in Unity 5.4.3, coded in MSVS13, with assets created in Maya and 3DSMax.

Producer & Programmer: Dee Majek
Lead Designer: Pontus Hassis
Lead Programmer: Simon Lundgren
Lead Artist: Joakim W. Andersson
Programmer: Stefan Ekdahl
Artist: Markus Holm


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Slumber is a game for smartphones and tablets which is designed to help the player sleep better. You play as a nudibranch exploring a large and interactive ocean inhabited by friendly fish and creatures. The visual style of the game is dark and avoids colours in the blue spectrum in order to help the player feel sleepy. It is developed in Unity, using Maya and 3DS Max for the meshes and animations, as well as Photoshop for textures.


Emil Elthammar: Music, Programmer
Evelina Foxberg: Producer, Artist
Sebastian Larsson: Lead design, Artist
Erik Lindgren: Lead code
Danielle Unéus: Lead artist

The Slumber team won Best Presentation at the Gotland Game Conference 2016!