Chicken This

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Chicken This is a competitive game for 2 – 4 players where the players control animals escaping a slaughterhouse by evading a butcher and pushing your competitors into harm’s way.

The player will flap, dash and move to escape the dangers of the slaughterhouse.

This game is about friendship and betrayal.
You and three other animals have been trapped in a slaughterhouse for almost all your lives. Now you have finally decided to escape. The Butcher noticed you getting out of your cage and now the race is on. It’s survival of the fittest so jump on, push and attack the other animals to win. It can only be one survivor.

The player will have different abilities during the course of the game. The player will start as a animal making is way through the slaughterhouse, dodging different deadly traps, knocking your fellow animal ex friends into obstacle and trap to slow down the butcher.

When a player dies the player becomes a ghost with the ability to revange on your fellow friends who betrayed you with the ability to throwing axes at them.

Platform: PC
Developed in Unity

Stam Kruajan, Producer
Morgan Kringstad, Lead Game Designer
Svante Livén, Lead Art
Robin Berneby, Lead Code
Stefan Strandberg, Lead tech

Mech Rage

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Mech Rage is a city-destroying game for the active monster. The players punch towards the screen/Kinect to destroy buildings and enemies sent to stop their rampage, while walking along the city they’re ruining via a StepMaster.

Unity-based, utilizing Photoshop, FL-Studio and Visual Studio.

Karl Malm – Producer
Arash Affra Bakhtiari – Lead Programmer
Joel Sarkar Nilsson – Lead Art
Gabriel Stoffel – Lead Sound
Max Snäll – Lead Tech
Marcus van Aller – Lead Designer


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Sumoctopus is a top down 2D sumo wrestling game, with octopuses. The goal is to push the opponent out of the arena, using your tackle attack and ink blowing abilities! Battle your friend and prove your dominance on different dynamic arenas.

Your controls are two joysticks with buttons on top, that you use to heave yourself forward with. As well as a microphone that you will need to blow into to sploosh ink that will help you turn the tides of battle!

Softwares used: Unity, ELIAS Software, Photoshop, Illustrator.
Anton Nordling: Producer
Anton Olin: Lead Game Design
Philip Olsson: Lead programmer
Linus Bjernhagen: Programmer
Filip Zachrisson Hansen: Lead art
Jonatan Ersarp: Lead Tech

Tumble Runners

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Tumble Runners is a game that takes what you love from 2D-platformers and multiplayer runners and throws it into a tumble dryer. The players will compete against each other by, running, jumping and grabbing their way to victory. While dodging dangerous traps and objects along the way. Players will also be able to toss objects into the playing field through a physical dispenser.

The game is built in Unity.

Kevin Alonso – Producer
Simon Ströberg – Lead Designer
Johannes Bengtsson – Lead Artist
Håkan Johansson – Lead Programmer
Erik Jigvall – Senior Programmer
Bengt Hagnelius – Lead Tech


Cryptogram is a puzzle-game with a hectical pace, where you as a player will interact with a bookshelf that opens hidden doors. In the game you’ll play as a person stuck in a house of madness where each room is a puzzle, an homage to the trope of hidden doors behind bookshelves.

With the help of a journal you’ll receive hints of which books to pull on the bookshelf to open the hidden door in each of the rooms. By observing the rooms and looking up the journals chapter which best describes the environment you’re in, you’ll find clues for each solution, clues hinting at titles and content of the books.

While all this is going on you’re also being chased by a horrible creature, giving the each puzzle a time-limit.

Daniel Qvarnemark – Producer
Maximillian Höglund – Lead Programmer
Beatrice Franov Johansson – Lead Art
Joakim Persson – Techincal Lead
Marcus Forslin – Lead Design
Andreas Sjögren – Lead Sound

Cryptogram was awarded Best 1st Year Project and the Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2016.

Cryptogram also won 3 categories in the Swedish Game Awards; Best Execution in Design, Best Technical Execution and Best Execution in Narrative and given a total cash prize of 21.000 SEK as well as a visit to Might and Delight.

Gravity Sling

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Gravity Sling is dodgeball in space, using gravity to fling projectiles at your opponent.

You play as one of two stars and your goal is to obliterate the other star by throwing poor unsuspecting planets right at them.

Gravity Sling is made in Unity.

Sakarias Ståhl – Producer
Sebastian Engstrand – Lead Design
Martin Månsson – Lead Art
Adrian Hedqvist – Lead Programmer
Peter Eriksson – Lead Tech