Shinobi Chase

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“Shinobi Chase” is a sidescrolling 2D party game where three players pursue a single player in a high paced ninja chase, Depicted in the style reminiscent of traditional Japanese art.”

The game is developed for the PC using the following software:

– Unity
– Photoshop
– Visual Studio
– GraphicsGale

Kasper Göransson – Producer
Marcus Quardfort – Lead Artist
Peter Camerini – Lead Programmer
Christoffer Tornstråle – Lead Technican
Peter Andersson – Lead game / sound designer


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Synapse is a 2d Puzzle game that teaches the player about the brains functions, form and different illnesses that affect the brain.

Puzzle through different brains and see if you can lead the nerve to the right brain part. Explore the brain and find out what things do and how they correlate to each other!

Synapse is built through traditional 2d Animation using SAI and Photoshop and with Unity

Emelie Rodin – Producer & 2d Artist
Adrienne Gunnarsson – Lead Designer & Art Director
Olle Staffas – Lead Prog.
Emil Lindgren – Research & Animator
Alexander Nordfors – Animator
Kristofer Karlsson – Animator
Marcus Franzén – Animator

Giddy Up

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Giddy Up is a competitive party game for two to four players. The players play as jockeys on horses in a race track and the players race each other to the finishline all while overcoming obstacles in the way. The twist is that the players control the game with real life rocking horses. The game is being developed in Unity.

Gustav Björkman – Producer
Robert Gustavsson – Lead Designer
Elis Öhrman – Lead Programmer
Kadar Ali – Lead Artist
Theo Bengtson – Lead Tech

The Runes of Kalevala

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The Runes of Kalevala is a cooperative RPG/adventure game that uses gameplay to drive the narrative. You take on the roles of legendary heroes as you immerse yourself into the Finnish national epos Kalevala, experiencing the epic tale as if you had been there yourself.

The Runes of Kalevala features local co-op to allow players to go on quests and experience an adventure together. Unlike traditional co-operative RPG-type games however, which rely heavily on the players enjoying the same type of activities, The Runes of Kalevala will allow you to play together while playing differently.

Imagine if in The Lord of the Rings when Gandalf left the fellowship for errands of his own that his adventure and the fellowship’s would play out simultaneously and the effects of one party’s actions affected the other.

The game is made in Unity 5.3.

Thom Hujanen – Producer
Filip Frandsen – Lead Art
Anders Hagström – Lead Design, Lead Sound
Anton Classon – Lead Code
Sebastian Ringvold – Lead Tech
Erik Ögren – Lead Animator
Tara Sundström – Character Artist


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Klättergetter is a board game for four players where you play as a goat trying to climb to the top of the mountain and obtain the shiny Golden Garbage Can. But beware of the other goats, as they can knock you down and steal the garbage can!

This game was made as part of an assignment during the course Advanced Game Design during the second year.

Tova Svensson – Producer
Sigrid Svederoth – Lead Designer
Lisa Ramel – Lead Artist


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In Tamarrion the player takes the role of a might paladin whose only goal is to fight boss monsters which no other human could match. The player can customise items and spells in order to fit the game to their very own play style. By using spells provided by the gods, Tamarrion can unleash mighty special abilities to aid when all seems impossible.

Unity 5, 3Ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, xNormal, After Effects, Motionbuilder, Visual Studio

Camilla von Paykull – Producer/Lead Artist
Oskar Lidh Frykmark – Lead Designer
Sebastian Rosenblad – Lead Programmer
Måns Löf – 3D Art
Zlatan – Music
(Tomas Lindell – Programmer)
(Anthon Fredriksson – Programmer)

Tamarrion won best 3rd Year Project at the Gotland Game Conference 2016!