Would you say “girl gamer” or “gamer”? Does the sex matter in a virtual place? We think not! This is intended to be something more than just a game for fun! Kei will take you through a journey a lot of girls will recognize when they decide to be a part of the gaming society. Hit the hackers, garrote the geek of evil and set things right. Kei was born in this city and now finds herself to be no longer welcome. You play your way through the overtaken 3D city “Game Town” and fight the enemies sent out to destroy you with your Xbox controller. Kei is a 3D action RPG that is created in Unity. The 3D models were created in 3DsMax and textures were painted in SAI and Photoshop.

Nayomi Arvell – Producer
Eva Sokolova – 3D art, textures
Kim Teroni Borg – 3D modeller
Håkan Pettersson – Environmental 3D artist, level designer
William Persson – Music, level designer
Isak Ekedal – Programmer
Rokas Paulaskas – Programmer