Chicken This

Chicken This is a competitive game for 2 – 4 players where the players control animals escaping a slaughterhouse by evading a butcher and pushing your competitors into harm’s way. The player will flap, dash and move to escape the dangers of the slaughterhouse.

You and three other animals have been trapped in a slaughterhouse for almost all your lives. Now you have finally decided to escape. The Butcher noticed you getting out of your cage and now the race is on. It’s survival of the fittest so jump on, push and attack the other animals to win. It can only be one survivor.

The player will have different abilities during the course of the game. The player will start as a animal making is way through the slaughterhouse, dodging different deadly traps, knocking your fellow animal ex friends into obstacle and trap to slow down the butcher.

When a player dies the player becomes a ghost with the ability to revenge on your fellow friends who betrayed you with the ability to throwing axes at them.


  • Stam Kruajan, Producer
  • Morgan Kringstad, Lead Game Designer
  • Svante LivĂ©n, Lead Art
  • Robin Berneby, Lead Code
  • Stefan Strandberg, Lead tech