“Uncover the secret power of Ström in an ancient temple ruin, as a young girl on her rite of passage.”

The player controls the avatar Lume, as well as the mechanic of Ström transfer, which is the ability to switch states between objects within range of the avatar, for example dragging Ström from a moving creature to a static one. The player has to solve puzzles and move through obstacles by thinking logically and observing the surroundings. The goal is to evolve the Ström mechanic in order to complete all the levels in a linear fashion.

It’s a 3D fantasy puzzle adventure game for the computer, with an energy transfer system, targeted at people who enjoy unique aesthetics and a relaxed pacing.

Ström Ström Ström Ström

Ström Ström Ström Ström


  • Hannah Idén Gustafsson – Producer
  • Hanna Eriksson – Artist
  • Karl-Johan Thole – Artist
  • Andreas Mikko – Programmer
  • Linus Eriksson – Programmer


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