Frog Climbers

EDIT 2016-10: Frog Climbers have launched on Steam! Team Crew has put a lot of work into the game since last year, check out the launch trailer at the bottom of this post.

You and friends play as rock climbing frogs, intent on reaching the top of the highest mountain. There’s only room for one frog at the top though, so it’s a race to the summit using whatever means necessary in order to become the most glorious frog climber.

Frogs grab each other and literally use their opponents as laddersteps on their way to the top. Coupled with the ragdoll physics, this makes for a lot of hilarious chaotic scenarios. Frog Climbers has been designed to encourage this player interaction as much as possible. The final result is a chaotic party game that leaves all players shouting as they try to beat each other in very close matches.

Frog Climbers was developed in Unity.
All art was drawn in Photoshop

Core team;
Semih Parlayan – Lead programmer
André Bengtsson – Lead art
Charlie Eliasson – art
Sebastian Larsson – Game designer

Additional help;
Johan Öhman – Music
Emil Elthammar – programming

Frog Climbers won Best 1st Year Project and the Pwnage Award at the GGC 2015, as well as Best Execution in Design and Gamers Choice at the Swedish Game Awards 2015!

Launch trailer: