Tribal Marathon

Tribal Marathon is a 2-4 player 3D action racing game with a dynamic environment system. Fight your friends or foes on a unique track generated by our track generator, to see who manages to collect the most amount of points while staying clear of a wide variety of obstacles.

Tribal Marathon is a 4-player runner game in the styles on Temple Run or Subway Surfers. The players run on a randomly spawned track with randomly spawned obstacles. The player’s objective is to gather artifacts while trying to tackle the other players into obstacles or out of the track to stop them from getting any artifacts.

Tribal Marathon was awarded Student’s Choice at the Gotland Game Conference 2013.


Tribal Marathon

   Tribal MarathonTribal Marathon Tribal Marathon Tribal Marathon

  • Henrik Andersson – Lead Designer
  • Simon Öqvist – Artist
  • Johannes Bahngoura – Artist
  • Robert Graff – Artist
  • David Forssell – Programmer
  • PetterVernersson

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