About Teachers Teaching Teachers

Photo from the TTT workshop on PureData, summer -09. (click image to read)

Teachers Teaching Teachers has sprung from some of the ancient social habits of the GAME-staff. For as long as anyone care to remember we’ve had this tradition where we get together every now and then, on weekends or lecture free days, to talk about whatever we know and anyone was interested to hear. It’s been an informal way to share our expertise with each other.

… or perhaps more like a bunch of teachers hanging out and showing off. 🙂

Over the years we’ve taught each other game design, programming, various software tools, talked about modern game research etc etc. All interresting stuff and over time these informal workshops and presentations have turned into a seriously important way for all of us to keep up-to-date and gain new insights.

Today this ancient habit of ours is made public and opened to a wider audience. We call it Teachers Teaching Teachers and from now on we invite all staff at the university to join in!

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