Motion Capture

The theory of motion capture is quite simple: an actor puts on a full body suit with reflective markers on all limbs. Several cameras in the room track these markers and relay their coordinates to a computer, yielding a perfecly accurate digital representation of the actors movement. This representation – a “bone rig” – is then dressed up in 3D-application software like 3D Studio Max, Motion Builder to make the actor look like whatever we want. This is a huge time saver and yields significantly more realistic motions than animation done by hand.

GAME’s motion capture studio covers 35m² and is theoretically capable of tracking any number of actors and props simultaneously! Here’s some photos from when Andreas Wahlman (our in-house mocap expert) first tried out multi-capping in our studio. First year students Ragnar, Jonas and Stina volunteered to assist with the swinging of swords, throwing punches and pushing each other off high cliffs. 🙂

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  1. Wow, I just popped in to see the lightbox plugin in action, but this Motion picture and 3D stuff is really cool. Interesting to see how the real actions are applied to any animated characters.

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