Game Camp Visby

Science Park Gotland – our local incubator – has helped run Game Camps around the baltic the past couple of years. Game Camps are recurring events for individuals and businesses that are working with game development, or wish to do so. The final installment took place in Visby this weekend!

More than 80 participants attended this 72h business development bootcamp, from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. During three days the 19 teams focused on building the business side of their startups,  further developed their business models as well as establish roadmaps to launch their game to the market. 

While here the teams (and their game prototypes) received input and support from game development veterans and investors. At the end of the weekend the most promising teams were awarded financial support, invites to further publisher/investor events at the Game Developers Conference and Casual Connect. 

Four teams from Gotland (student teams and alumni) were there, and two of them brought home prices.  Eat Create Sleep took home the special price – All Access Passes and travel to Casual Connect. Emily and Max over at BetterBuild Studios took home the grand slam €10000 euros to invest into their business as they see fit. 
Big huge congratulations and well played to all of you! 

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