My First Jam 2018

~7 hours of development time. 85 students participating. 17 teams, 17 games delivered – that is an astounding success rate! 30 individually wrapped prices, 45 pizzas, 6 cartons of soda, 4-5kg of sweets (for much-needed energy throughout the day), 4 silo-sized thermoses of coffee and one rented minivan to taxi non-Visby students home after the awards.

Tons and tons of fun. 🙂

Nominees for Best Interpretation:
— Super Sven Bros
— Fin
— Fondo And Rondo’s epic Adventure

Nominees for Best Execution:
— Bone Zone
— Resurrection
— Skyrim android edition

Nominees for Most Fun
— A few more bounces
— Eggception
— Fondo and Rondo’s Epic adventure

Winner Best Interpretation: Fin
Winner Best Execution: Resurrection
Winner Most Fun: Fondo and Rondo’s Epic adventure