GAME Students on Swedish Radio

Mari Winarve called us last week and asked if we wanted to appear on her radio show to talk about games, game development and our education. Out staff consists of mostly unpleasant trolls, so we did what we always do when presenting the education; sent our students. 😀

“Maris Cafe” is a radio talk show in a cafe format. Every Friday morning they invite a bunch of guest and some entertainers, sit them down for fika and let Mari walk around among the crowd, do interviews and try out new things. Over the past five years or so Mari has been driving forest machines, fired rifles, tried line dancing etc. etc. Today, she wanted to know more about games.

We sent her 15 of our people, and they did really, really well.

My favorite part is when Polgar get’s the predictable question about violence in games and their effect on players. He returns fire effortlessly; smacks them over the head with Gotland crime novels – the hugely popular genre of murder mystery being (over-) produced here. He simultaneously managed to present a sane game, a sensible and mature vision of game design and the craft of building games AND mentioned “Gotland Game Conference, June” twice. Well played, dear sir. Well played indeed.

Here’s some photos and information from today’s episode. And here’s the recorded stream: (swedish only)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3