Gotland Game Awards 2008

GGA 2008 was 2 full days of exhibition, presentations and lectures by people like Jon Gibson from Tripwire and Peter Kullgard from Ascaron. The Swedish stand-up comedian and TV-personality Nour El-Refai hosted the award show, and then we all pigged out in a huge party over at GuteKƤllaren.

Everything was huge! We had to rent the newly constructed exhibition hall – Wisby Strand – just to fit all our student projects and the 27 jurors. You can download the full GGA 2008 jury list (pdf) and introduce yourself to what I’m sure to be some familiar names and faces.

The awards ceremony in it’s entirety, all photos and some of the jury presentations are available from the Gotland Game Award site.

Now check out this video from the exhibition, and some of the nice things said about the event during the award ceremony. šŸ™‚