Gotland Game Awards 2010

It has been done. GGA 2010 was bigger, bolder, better and beautifuller than ever before. There were arcades, games and movies. There were presentations, lectures and conversations. There were speeches, awards, winners and losers. There were drinks, foods and rock-n-roll. And there were fireworks, lasers and a party with no room to spare.

All pictures, videos and games will be uploaded during the summer – the dataset is absotively huge – please be patient and subscribe to our feed to be notified whenever they’re available! For now, please enjoy these select few pics from the exhibition and award show.

Photos from the mingle, award ceremony and party has been added (though they are, to be honest, not properly sorted yet…). The student projects are up, and I’ve added filtering functions, so you can now browse all 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year projects separately. Check out the tag cloud for more ways to drill into this site.

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  1. can i use this flash gallery plugin to an arcade website? hope this work, i will try it anyway! thanks for this great sample in fullscreen mode, very very gorgeous!

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