Revive / Theme Park 2002

This post is back-dated and was published 2018-02-17.

Foot-controlled multiplayer Pong. Played in teams of 2, with one player controlling the paddle and the second player controlling various special effects
Foot-controlled multiplayer Pong. Played in teams of 2, with one player controlling the paddle and the second player controlling various special effects

Revive was a graduation exhibition of student games, hosted in the former ICA warehouse in Visby harbor on May 16-18 2002. The building was demolished in early 2005 and in its place were built a congress hall – Wisby Strand & Congress – where we have hosted the annual Gotland Game Conference since 2008.

Unfortunately most details about Revive has been lost to time. If you were there or have pictures or other documentation about it – we would love to hear from you!

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  1. From FB:

    The Revive-event was artistically lead by two guys at the time. Lars Lundgren (former programansvarig at GAME) and Mikkel (may he rest in peace).
    The idea was for us to design experiences based on old game ideas with new and interesting input formats (if I remember correctly).

    My group did Pong, which seem to be what most of the images you have are of. It’s a four/two player game; two people control the platforms that bounces the balls and the other two control a series of modifiers to change the course of the bouncing ball (fans to blow it, increase speed, decrease speed etc)

    Jakob, Gorms did a humourous simulation (three-player?) game called “Gud, Jan och Dj√§vulen” (I’m gonna let them elaborate on this themselves)

    Another group (of whom I do not have anyone on Facebook) did a Super Mario Simulator combining a physical obstacle course built from the first level of Super Mario Bros, coupled with a VR headset that lead you through the level.

    One group did Pac-man where the player was trying to get away from the ghosts in normal fashion. A projector was hanging in the ceiling projecting the game level on the floor and you moved as PacMan does. (Anders?)

    Karin, Cecilia; You guys did some dancing game if I remember correctly?

    Most, if not all of the games were built in SDL or Flash.

    The exhibition was open for three days and the public were invited. Somehow Mikkel managed to get hold of a giant mech that was later covered up for political reasons (since it was perceived as being insensitive as the Iraq/Afghanistan war just broke out).

    That is as much as I can remember.

    Revive was faaaaar from the most interesting stuff our class produced though. More interesting examples were the more experimental courses we did in Verklighetsspel, the Bluetooth-location based games we made for PDAs.

  2. To add to Nicodemus’ comment;

    Me, Johan (whose last name I do not remember, sorry), Tim Selberg, Andreas Waldetoft and Theodor Berg built Puck man.

    The Super Mario VR experience was essentially navigating through a one-screen mario level whose physics was built in the real world with some bluescreened pallets. You did this with a VR headset so you could essentially see yourself as you would Mario in the game. I do not remember everyone involved, but Fredrik Johansson handled the programming.

    In addition to the projects Nicodemus mentioned, one group built an entrapment-style laser maze with a leaderboard – they had some technical difficulties so I don’t remember all the details of it, but Fredrik Mattsson was part of that group and may have more information.

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