Apply to the GGC 2021 Jury

The jury application for Gotland Game Conference 2021 is officially open!

All game developers and designers are welcome to apply. This year we host entirely on so you can join us live (in living color!) from any part of the globe! Be a part of the yearly celebration of our students achievements, help us playtest their games and provide feedback. is like a browser-based RPG with video chat. We’ve built an arcade hall in it. It is almost the same experience as the physical show floor, except we can all work comfortably from home in our pajamas and the games remain available 24/7

The jury attends May 31 – June 3. We schedule activities for ~3 hours a day to leave more time for playtesting and individual meetings. The games are, however, available 24/7!

Check the link for more info, and the application form. We look forward hearing from you!

Playtesting in on 29/4, 12/5 & 21/5

We have scheduled 3 days for open playtesting in – 29/412/5 and 21/5. Starting at 13:00. Feel free to join in and test the tech. No work required – it is fine to just come and hang out with us.

Games & Society Lab Speaker Series

Our Games & Society Lab is happy to announce the first episode of their new Speaker Series!

The series invites practitioners and researchers in and around game design to present their work, thoughts, and process. In this first episode, Henrike Lode talks about perseverance, experimental prototyping and some of the joys and challenges of being a game developer.

A total of three episodes are planned for the spring, released over the next two months. Subscribe to our YouTube-channel to be notified!

Alumni Guest Lectures, Wed 16th Dec

Join us on Wednesday evening and meet alumni working in the games industry. The event is held in our high-tech cyber-futuristic virtual reality, where we will be joined by industry professionals from across the world. They have all been where you are, now. They have all studied at GAME, graduated and gone on to great things. runs entirely in the browser, and is like an 8-bit RPG with proximity-based video chat. runs entirely in the browser, and is like an 8-bit RPG with proximity-based video chat. Here’s the link to our space.

So clear your calendar, stock up on the glögg and come meet our people at Blizzard, King, Runaway Play, Spiele-Palast, Redbeet Interactive, Creative Assembly, Fatshark, from the comforting corona-safety of your own home.

Pssst… are you an alumn and would like to shot the breeze and answer questions from up-and-coming game developers? Contact Ulf Benjaminsson to get your own lounge area. 🙂


17:30: Connect and test your tech, have a look around

Click here to join our space on Gather. Set up your camera and mic. Customize your avatar. Use your real name. Get to know the controls and then walk to the lecture hall in the virtual world.

18:00-18:50: Rabi Afram, Engineering Manager @ King

Rabi graduated from Game Design & Programming in 2013. He has a wide array of experience in the game industry working with PC, console and mobile games. Outside of work he plays a lot of tabletop role playing games.


“The talk is going to cover the journey I have made in the industry and the different lessons that I learned that can help you progress in your careers. How do you start in an entry level position and progress from there?”

19:00-19:50: Emma Johansson, Creative Director @ Runaway Play

Emma Johansson graduated from Game Design & Graphics in 2009. She has shipped 10+ titles across multiple platforms, and is currently living in New Zealand working as Creative Director at Runaway Play. Emma is leading the company’s product development process as well as the company’s creative vision. Emma’s passion lies in creating beautiful, wholesome and inclusive games.


“The games industry is always changing, but there are some lessons to be learnt from game development that always stay the same! During this talk Emma will share her top 10 lessons learnt from over a decade of experience working in the games industry.”

20:00-??:??: Speed-dating / meet & greet

Load up with excellent beverage, a web cam and a good headset. Make sure you use your real name in Gather.

And don’t forget about the PacMan Rule for Conferences! When standing as a group of people, always leave room for 1 person to join your group.

Break cliques by giving people explicit permission to join groups.

We want your queer and LGBTQI games, game-related projects and creations!

As part of the yearly Gotland Pride celebration, we would like to see all of your inspiring, truthful, beautiful, strange, queer, dreamy, throbbing, challenging, difficult, joyous or riotous explorations of what games are or could be; be it concept art, character designs, demos or finished games, or relevant written stories (for example about how life in the games industry is as a non-binary gender-bender).

The goal is to put together a virtual exhibition of all these works and publish it to the public during Gotland Pride in November.

Deadline for submissions: November 3, 2020 at 23:59.

For more info on how to submit work for the coming virtual exhibition visit the google drive folder and read through the instructions found there:

Contact Johan Eriksson for more details.