Agraria is a grid-based action puzzle game where the player in the role of Harvey, has to catch the mischievous frogs in his farmlands, who’ve stolen his belongings.Plant crops to sprout level-altering vegetation that helps you avoid beasts, create passages and trap the thieving frogs!

Agraria on the Gotland Game Conference 2018 show floor

Antonio Ackalin – Product Owner & Programmer
Arnaud Mimoun -Scrum Master & Project Manager
Alexander Granell – Programmer
Alexander Linde – Artist
Florent Schmidt – Artist
Software such as Unity 2017.4.1, FL Studio 11/12, Audacity and Photoshop CC 2018 were used during production.

Eyes Align

A 2D narrative adventure game featuring a murder mystery aboard a shady space station filled to the brim with enigmatic characters.
The player, a human, is by coincidence thrown into a mystery aboard the space station they live in and as the plot thickens, what looks like a murder at first glance turns out to be only a glimpse into the conspiracies that lurk at the very heart of the station.

Eyes Align at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

The game is developed for the PC using Twine 2.0 and Unreal Engine 4.

Awards: Eyes Align won Best Execution in Narrative at the Swedish Game Awards 2017.


  • Erik Nord – Producer, Lead Designer, Script Writer
  • Adrian Lavrell – Lead Programming, Sound Engineer
  • Anders Mauritz Karlsson – Lead Art
  • Bea Franov – 2D Art

State of Wonder

State of Wonder was self-published through a successful crowdfunding campaign!

Construct and Conquer in this strategy card game! Build your city and train epic heroes to claim the throne in this city siege inspired game where battles span several in-game turns.

State of Wonder participated in Game Camp Visby where the team took home the grand slam €10000 euros to invest into their business as they see fit


Baby, I’m Robot!

An open-world, roguelike with exploration, crazy weapon upgrades and a whole lot of love. Baby, I’m Robot! shows the consequences of a robot falling in love with a human. Spoiler: that robot gets banished to an island filled with dangerous, defective robots. That robot then has to fight those scary robots in order to find its way back civilization, to be reunited with its love.

Baby, I’m Robot! Is a pixel art, roguelike action game where you explore procedurally generated islands, upgrade your weapons and (hopefully) defeat a lot of strange robots.

Baby, I’m Robot! Is made for the PC with Unity and Aseprite.


  • Anders Jonsson – Producer, programmer,
  • Marwan Al Salman – Programmer,
  • Marcus Altin Prytz – Artist