Set in Stone

Set In Stone is a single-player 2.5D side-scrolling platformer where you play as the axolotl, Niyo. As Niyo you will use various equipment to attack, hookshot, and shield your way through a mysterious temple dungeon!


  • Alex Andersson – Level Designer QA
  • Casper Gustavsson – Programmer
  • Gabriel Senekovič – Product Owner Programmer Composer UI & VFX Graphics
  • Johannes Larsson – 3D Environmental Artist Level Designer QA
  • Mattis Lindqvist – 3D Artist Animator
  • Nicolas Hammar – Scrum Master Audio Designer Level Designer QA
  • Sophia Al-Nawasreh – Programmer Web Designer
  • Tom Idril – 3D Artist 2D Artist Animator

Small Planets

You are in space on an oddly shaped planet trying to figure out how crafting works and all its quirks in this new and awkward universe.

Almost everything in this game has been implemented from scratch, including developer tools that did not end up in the final release.


  • Filippo Crocchini (Programmer & Lead Game Designer)
  • Katalin Preszl (Lead Artist)
  • Wenqin Pei (Artist)

Gnome Gardeners

Attach your harvesting tool, put on your gnome hat and prepare to get gardening! In Gnome Gardeners, two to four players can work together on PC to complete the monumental task of keeping a human-sized garden healthy and tidy. Dodge dive bombing birds, scare off hungry insects and struggle through terrible winds, with only your gnomish wits and cyborg skills to support you!


  • Martin Zetterman – Lead Designer, Level Designer
  • Nguyen Robertson – Producer, Level Designer
  • Lynn Angerer – Art Lead, Animator
  • Mette Christiansen – Line Artist
  • Martina Oyhenard Vazquez – Colour Artist
  • Urtė Siliūtė – Technical Artist
  • Paul Brandstetter – Lead Programmer, Unity Lead
  • Ace Young –  Programmer, Project Managemer
  • Elias Deutschmann – Music Composer, Music Producer


A tower defense game where everything is laid out on the board for you to use. Cunningly move the traps on the grid to make sure that they eliminate the heroes when they activate.

Take part in the ancient myth of the Minotaur, with a twist – instead of slaying the beast, you are protecting it.

Time is of the essence. Swiftly plan your actions during flowing turns dictated by an in-game timer that regulates the movement of the enemies and the activation of your traps.

Daidala won Best Storytelling at the Gotland Game Conference 2021.


  • Mario Palleschi – Lead Designer, Programmer, Post-Processing
  • Sergei Grigorev – Lead Programmer, Designer
  • Christos Mandilas – Narrative, Voice Acting, Designer, Artist
  • Efrem Torrisi – Artist, VFX Artist, Character Animator, Designer
  • Sofia Rautiainen – Lead Artist, Designer
  • Isac Rosenberg- Project Manager, SFX Artist, Designer
  • Isak Larsson – Designer, QA, Level Designer
  • Lefteris Mandilas – Music
  • Giovanni Palleschi – Trailer