Tomato Farming Game

Harvest tomatoes
Prune plant stems
Use products to influence the growing behavior of your plant

This game was made in order to apply and critically engage with Rilla Khaled’s “Reflective Game Design” (2018) theory. The game is intentionally designed to cause disruption, failure, and surprise at certain points in order to evoke reflective thoughts about it’s systems in the player. The game is based on a prototype created in a previous course.

The game was developed using Unity. Art was created in Photoshop and Affinity Designer. Sound and Music were made with FL Studio.


  • Elias Faltin – Design, Sound & Music, Producer
  • Mikael Ferroukhi – Design, Art
  • Samuel Karabetian – Design, Programming

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Rite of Passage

As a player you take the shoes of someone lost, a person stuck in their dreams. Your goal is to explore this realm in order to find your way out, or figure out what it is that’s keeping you stuck.

Rite of Passage lets you embark on an adventure in a world not too different from ours. Where your achievements will strengthen your journey for control. Master the way you move to reach the darkest depths and brightest highs and maybe somewhere you will find, what the world tries to hide.

Developed in Unity with Android as the primary target platform. This product is a Vertical Slice that allows the team to test and iterate on the idea in preparation for further development.


  • Audrius Labanauskas – Programming
  • Devon Jokic – 3D Art
  • Fernando Garcia – Character & 2D Art
  • Ludwig Josefsson – Level Design & 3D Art – Product Owner
  • Max Hemberg – Level Design & Programming – Scrum Master
  • Milana Kononkova – Audio Design & Programming

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Tower of Smoke

Tower of Smoke is a Souls-inspired 2D side-scroller that puts you on a perilous journey in a tower of battling mental health. By using coping mechanisms as temporary upgrades, they both improve and damage your performance in various ways, and it is up to you to take on this tower.

Tower of smoke was developed using Unity Engine, various 2d programmes, such as photoshop and KRITA, as well as some writing software, the game is intended to be played on PC for now.

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  • Emelie Van Rodin
  • Bengt Hagnelius
  • Sondre Huhtala
  • Joy Goldar
  • Evelyn Olivier

Wrath of the Bionic Barbarian

Load up as the Bionic Barbarian, seeking revenge on the evil techno-cultists! They may have taken your humanity, but that is not going to stop you from killing them all and taking down their wretched fortress with them! Wrath of the Bionic Barbarian is a 2D neon shooter where you have to battle your way through the many floors of the otherworldly techno-cultists lair, but remember that you’re not their first wicked experiment, and you’re lucky to still have your consciousness intact. Monsters, armies of cultists and evil robots are only some of the dangers in your path, but none are as dangerous as you.


  • Tobias Norén – Producer
  • Emil Dymek – Programmer
  • Momin Chowdhury – Project Manager
  • Ula Wąsik – 2D artist

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