In Other Words

In Other Words, is a game where you play as the librarian Aphra, who explores the world of classic books. The demo level is set in a world based on ‘Don Quixote’. To aid her quest, she got TAD – The Amazing Device.

TAD let’s you combine objects that you find along your way, to create new items and tools. The game is a platform/adventure game made with the True Vision 3D engine.

In Other Words was awarded “Best Presentation” at Gotland Game Awards 2008.

Lead Marcus Ingvarsson
Lead programmer: Johan Norberg
Programmer: Jakob Tanentsapf
Programmer: Sebastian Svensson
Sound ’n Music: Josef Falkensköld
Lead Artist: Tobias Källkvist
Artist: Jonatan Österberg
Artist: Erik Öqvist
Artist: Joar Holmström


Physitive is a physics based problem solver. The goal of each level is deceivingly simple: getting from the black door to the white door utilizing the world and the objects within it.

Physitive is all about non-linear game play, a single level might be beatable in more than a hundred ways! Grab a rocket and fly across a gap, stick boxes to a wall and climb it, blow a wall up and walk through it or cause a massive implosion to drag a bridge from an out of reach spot.

The game engine is built on the Ogre rendering engine, the Newton Game Dynamics physics engine, the FMOD sound engine, the Particle Universe library and a bunch of smaller 3rd party libraries and wrappers.

Producer: Seher Basak
Game Design: Mattias Görl
Level Design: Jona Marklund
Programming:Krister Cederlund
Programming:Håkan Mattsson
Programming:Andreas Svensson
Programming:Ulf Benjaminsson
Graphics: Robert Sahlstedt
Graphics: Brian Elmore

Fish Tank

Fish Tank is a multiplayer tag game that takes place inside a huge fish tank. The goal is to avoid being tagged and draw the sushi chefs attention. All tech – the engine, rendering, networking, sound and tools – have been created from scratch by the team.

Producer & Lead Design – Daniel Johansson
Lead Programmer & Tools – Tommi Lipponen
Programmer – Johan Sandahl
Programmer – Simon Kappel
Lead Artist – Karl Henningsson
Artist – Ted Edin Artist
Artist – Sebastian Larsson