Welcome to the Circus!

In Darkoli you solve puzzles alone or with up to two other players in order to escape from the alternate world you were trapped in by a seemingly sinister wizard. Jump, climb, throw, push, lift and even balance on tightropes and more in order to traverse the mysterious world of Darkoli while trying to find a way back to reality.

Darkoli is developed using Unity, Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Visual Studio 2010

Björn Nilsson – Lead Art,
Josefin Börjesson – 3d Art and Animation,
Niklas Blidfors – Lead Programmer,
Daniel Hagström – Lead Level Design and Mechanics,
Sandra Hedman – Lead Design,
Christoffer Rubensson – Sound and Music Design
Philippe Bolay – External Producer


Fumbies: The Cloud Creatures has been released on iOS!

Fumbies is a Facebook game about taking care of a handful of creatures that lives high up in the air, over the clouds.

The player needs to keep the Fumbies happy by making sure they are clean, well trained, feel good, and go to their job. The main goal of a Fumbies life is to “lovel”, when a Fumbie lovels it passes on its genes to the Fumbie’s children. The children will inherit the parent’s looks and attributes.

Attributes depend on how the player has trained its Fumbies, and determine if the Fumbie is an intelligent, strong, or charismatic Fumbie. Fumbies earns unique items and visual parts for each specific attribute. Thus; by changing a Fumbie’s attributes the player is able to give the Fumbie a unique personality.

Fumbies was awarded the Almedalen Library Award and Best Game Graduating Class at Gotland Game Awards 2010.

The Fumbies team receiving "Best Game Graduating Class" at the Gotland Game Awards 2010
The Fumbies team receiving “Best Game Graduating Class” at the Gotland Game Awards 2010

Producer: Max Tiilikainen
Graphics: Jona Marklund , Rickard Jonasson, Povel Gulin, Sebastian Larsson
Programmer: Johan Norberg, Sebastian Svensson
Sound: Josef Falkensköld (external)
Website: http://www.meowentertainment.com/

Band of Brawlers

Band of Brawlers is a 3 vs 3 combat game, requiring teamwork and tactics in a king-of-the-hill scenario. On a colorful planet somwhere in space brawlers have started to gang up and are battling each other for control of an abandoned Tivoli. Gang up with your friends and see which team has the greatest cooperation and tactics while you try to take over and hold as many of the zones as possible. While fighting you’ll also get to experience an innovative combat interface that lets you perform attacks with the mouse.

Project Management: Natalia Mekras
Graphics: Ted Edin, Kalle Henningsson, Monica Kreitz, Tobias Källkvist, Daniel Ohlsson
Programming: Olof Ahlberg, Gunnar Carnbro, Peter Sjödin
Sound: Nicolas Leventorp
Website: http://sim4devblog.blogspot.com/


Midnight is a real-time strategy game for three players. Each player plays as either the easy-going Rocks, the proud Papers or the wicked Scissors; miniscule creatures that crawl out of the shadows at night and face each other in an eternal battle.

It goes without saying that the papers live in constant fear of the scissors, which in turn are hunted by the rocks. This gives all the players a predatory/prey relationship towards each other, forcing them to use stealth, deception and ambushing to prevail. In short, Midnight is an RTS that focuses on stealth, exploring and mobility rather than numbers and micro-managing.

Midnight was awarded “Best Presentation” at Gotland Game Awards 2010. Tobias Andersen got an individual award for “Best Effort in Art”

Producer: Alex Karlsson
Design: Per Lingvall
Graphics: Alex Lusth, Niklas Hallin, Tobias Andersen,
Graphics: Ola Persson, Martin Paulsson, Erika A. Porath
Programmer: Johan Sköld
Trailer: Stina Boberg, Victor Öhman Holmberg
Website: www.luciddreams.se