Fields of Glory (2010)

Fields of Glory is an intense and tactical action game bringing the brutality and glory of the roman gladiator games into modern sports. As the champion of a professional gladiator team players will duke it out in fast paced and bloody matches where, thanks to advanced prosthetics, a lost arm or leg will result in nothing more than a pit stop.

Web: Gentle Touch Studios

Gustaf Stark – Producer, Programmer
Daniel Eriksson – Lead Programmer
Mattias Niiranen – Programmer
Nehmo Tapio – Programmer
Markus Mattfolk Stenberg – Lead Design, Programmer
Gabriel Sammens – Lead Art, Graphic Artist
Fredrik Larsson – Graphic Artist
Otto Westerlundh – Graphic Artist
Johanna Sandhammar – Graphic Artist
Emil Kieri, Mats Söderblom – Trailer and Teaser

Dungeon Crawler

Dungeon Crawler is a digital boardgame, combining the best of both worlds by merging Vintage Gaming with Next Generation technology. The result is an amazing board gaming experience, enchanced by great characterization, savable character customization and progress and rules for bribing judges and swaying the crowds.

Producer: Philippe Bolay
Graphics: Lars Johansson, Kristoffer Printz, Malin Mellgren
Programmer: Ted Wikman
Sound: Jesper Krogh Kristiansen
Music: Thomas Lavergren

Victorious Skies (2010)

Victorious Skies is a competitive real-time strategy game all about aerial fleets clashing in air-borne naval combat. Two players will assume the role of an admiral leading his fleet into combat. Great fleets consisting of multiple ships of all kinds of classes, each providing their own utility to your squadrons delivers a detailed strategic experience.

Producer: Thomas Appelberg
Graphics: Rickard Folland, Jonatan Hagström, Marcus Larsson, Nicolas Lindbäck
Programmer: Mikael Gullberg, Thomas Appelberg
Sound: Marcus Larsson, Thomas Appelberg


Dash is a multiplayer game where players compete in a arena type sport. The goal in each match is to score a set number of points, or get the highest score before the match time runs out. The arenas in Dash is not only inhabited by players, but arena robots as well, and they’ll defend the gameball from the players.

Producer: Lukas Hägg
Graphics: Lukas Hägg, Viktor Ledäng
Programmer: Rudy Castan (external)
Sound: Johan Skoglund (external)