A first-person horror game where you have to navigate and physically move things in the world to progress, and interact with your phone to talk to friends.

You live in a small town in a Nordic European country as a 14-year old. Your parents won’t drive you, so you need to find your own way home from your friend’s house. Unfortunately, there are creepy figures in the woods and you keep hearing footsteps behind you. All the while you’re getting texts from your sister asking why you aren’t there yet. Walking through empty streets at night and being challenged by your deepest fears, you can’t help but feel alone.
Can you make your way home?

We are targeting PC and Current Generation consoles. We’ve used Unity along with many additional tools.


  • Marcus Ford – Narrative Designer/Scrum Master,
  • Benjamin Harbakk – Product Owner /Graphics,
  • Alexander Peck – Programmer,
  • Eira Saastamoinen – Sound Design,
  • Esbjörn Nord – Graphics,
  • Petrut Raileanu – Graphics,
  • Samuel Karabetian – Programmer