Ernest Adams – “Ghost in the Machine”

Adams is back for lectures, workshops and feedback on your Gotland Game Conference projects. First up is a wednesday lecture titled Ghost in the Machine:

Just as poetry is the art of language, interactive entertainment is the art of artificial intelligence. One of our core goals is to create the impression that the player is competing with an intelligent opponent. AI is incredibly hard to do, so we cheat in a number of ways, taking advantage of the player’s suspension of disbelief. I looked at some of the ways we can cheat, and suggested a number of models for behavior from the animal kingdom.

Time: Wednesday, April 6th, 13:00
Location: B51

On thursday he’s doing a workshop called Accessibility in Games. There are two opportunities:

Time: Thursday, 7th April:
Pass 1 | 10:00 – 14:00 (30 students)
Pass 2 | 14:20 – 17:20 (30 students)
Location: B25+B27

Sign up in the student forums.

And on friday Ernest has a workshop in Character Design. It’s limited to 40 heads and primarily for 2nd and 3rd year students. Sign up in the forums!

Time: Friday, April 8th, 13:00
Location: B25+B27