Jan Eliasson, Former Swedish Foreign Minister

Bush and Eliasson Note: this is a re-post of our original announcement, as we had to postpone Eliasson’s scheduled visit due to illness.

Jan Eliasson is a seasoned diplomat and a former Swedish Foreign Minister. He has been the President of the UN General Assembly, and served as UN:s first Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs. During his tenure, he was involved in UN operations in Somalia, Sudan, Mocambique, and the Balkans; undertaking initiatives concerning landmines, conflict prevention and UN reform.

He will make an exposé over the human rights area and the creation of the UN Commission for Human Rights during his tenure as President of the UN General Assembly. The world community’s responsibility to protect civilians in war and other crisis will be highlighted. Eliasson will also tell us about his various missions as UN negotiator, the challenges for the UN to prevent war and conflict and to avoid human catastrophes.

New time: Monday, Oktober 12, 16:00
Location: HGO, lecture hall E31