Jonas Thente: Can Gaming Increase the Awareness of Human Rights?

This lecture is part of the Serious Games for Human Rights. It is open to the public!

As digital games are becoming one of the major platforms for storytelling and actual interaction between players from all over the global community, games producers are struggling to answer the call for sophisticated and borderless narrative. Common denomitators of being human comes to play.

Jonas Thente is a literary editor and critic at Scandinavias largest morning daily Dagens Nyheter. He is also the editor of the papers games section and a doctoral student at the department of literature, University of Lund.

Time: Friday, Oktober 14th, 14:30
Location: E22

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“Why international law matters in creating more challenging games”
14.30 Lecture by Jonas Thente
“Can Gaming Increase the Awareness of Human Rights?”
16.00 Panel debate with the speakers, Anne Duse from Gotland University GAME and game designer Ernest Adams.