Mikael Hedberg from Frictional Games

Mikael Hedberg is a former GAME-student, game designer at GRIN and current full time writer at Frictional Games in Helsingborg. Mikael Hedberg

Hedberg introduces himself thusly;

I’m a writer who had the great fortune of working with both games and film. As an obsessive compulsive storyteller I spend my time plotting against you thinking of new stories and how to tell them. For some reason I believe it’s in my authority to lecture you how to go about telling your stories.

What a douche!

Frictional Games are currently working on Amnesia: The Dark Descent; a first person horror adventure due to be released summer 2010, but Mikael is kind enough to take the time to visit us and talk about writing in the game industry and do a workshop with our students.

Lecture: “Hur bygger man en bra berättelse för spel och hur implementerar man den?”
Time: Wednesday, December 9 13.00-17.00
Location: HGO, lecture hall E30 (students only)

Workshop on yesterdays lecture
Time: Thursday, December 10 13.00-17.00
Location: HGO, lecture hall E30 (students only)

Public Lecture: “What does the game industry know about storytelling, and how does it work?”
Time: Friday, December 11 (time TBA)
Location: HGO, lecture hall TBA (open to the public!)