GAME Recruitment Flyer 2013

We’ve just created a new recruitment brochure for the department. We’ll bring these with us to Tekniska Museet at the end of this week, and Gamex next week. But you can have a web-friendly PDF too, of course. 🙂

This years version skips the bit on entrepreneurship, incubators and startups. These are still very much a part of what we do, of course, but we feel it’s more important to talk about our expectations on incoming students, and give concrete tips on how to prepare for our educations.

And we’re of course very happy to put Genusföretagarna (“the Gender Businesses”) front-and-center. We know that our gaming communities are filled with diverse participants and as a mature education we are committed to the presence and contributions of all people. By proudly displaying we’re an ally and actively engage with the issues of inclusion, we can improve the experiences of all community members, and thereby improve the culture.

In short; the 2013 version is more serious, and more responsible. We hope it carries our message clearly, leaves a good impression and attracts the right kind of students. 🙂