Fighting Riot

Fighting Riot is mashup between a fighting– and a rythm game. You’re awarded for style rather than gore – clean execution of kicks and punches racks up your style points, allowing you fire off your ultimate attacks. Blocking an ultimate works a lot like Stepmania and similar rythm games, where you have quickly tap the right buttons as indicated by the incoming projectile.

Jens Hedenskog
Annika Fogelgren
Emma Johansson
Kristoffer Södergren
Daniel “pikka” Andersson
Björn Semb

Blade Story

Blade Story is a 2D platform adventure, much like the modern Mega Man and Metroid games. The trio behind Blade originally set out to produce a 3D animated short, but disaster struck just weeks prior to Gotland Game Awards (fire and electrics were involved…) – and Blade is thus an emergency fallback production.

Talk about panic-oriented programming. 🙂

Lukas Hägg
Johan Rundkvist
Ola Persson