Fairytale is the game that combines a classic storybook mood and adventure game feeling with a new and fresh perspective on interactive products for children. Both young boys and girls today are used to computers and computer games and have much more adept communicative skills than most developers of children’s games seem to believe. Also, we think that a lot of games aimed at children, girls in particular, have a tendency to underestimate their target group.

Fairytale was awarded the Almedalen Library Award and the Jade Project Award at Gotland Game Awards 2008, and they won the Pwnage Award at Gotland Game Awards 2007.

Producer: Annika Fogelgren
Designer/Programmer: Jens Hedenskog
Programmer: Björn Bergstrand
Lead Artist: Albertina Sparrhult
Pencil Artist: Pernilla Sparrhult
Graphics: Marie Viberg, Johansson
Writer: Arvid Jansson
Website: http://www.fairy-tale.se/