Little Warlock (2012)

Little Warlock is a casual browser based collectible card game suitable for a broad audience. It’s very easy to learn yet offers a great diversity and multiple playing style choices for the experienced player. Collect, create and trade hundreds of different cards that can be used to summon creatures, build structures or cast spells. There are options to build custom decks or to use any of the pre-made decks available to jump straight into the action.

What makes Little Warlock unique on the market is the addictive real time lane combat where the player has to adapt to the different conditions of various locations and enemies and where his or hers choices is what determines the outcome. Winning battles awards gold, experience and sometimes new cards or powerful items to further help the player in the quest to rule the world!

Little Warlock won Best Second Year Project, Cha-ching! Award (Most commercially viable) and the Pwnage Award (Best in competition) at the Gotland Game Conference 2012.

The game was also exhibited at Gamex 2012 in Stockholm.


  • Jerry Jonsson – Code
  • Andreas Sellstedt – Music
  • Mika Edström – Art

Tools: Unity3D, Adobe Photoshop, Toon Boom Animate

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