Scrap Pirates

Scrap Pirates is a metroidvania-style exploration platformer with a focus on 2-player co-op gameplay.

A crew of space pirates travel through the Old Reach, looting and salvaging scrap and valuable metals to keep afloat. There they stumble upon an abandoned terraforming vessel that disappeared without a trace long ago, a most fortuitous event!

They start exploring the interior of the vessel, using magnetic abilities to advance and help each other along the way. Something’s not quite right however, and the question arises: Is the derelict ship truly abandoned?

The game is developed for PC using Unity 5.


  • Jenny Grip – Producer and Level Designer,
  • Rebecka Nyström – Lead Designer and Level Designer,
  • Nicolina Åkerfelt – Lead Programmer and Gameplay Programmer,
  • Andrée Henriksson – System Programmer,
  • Christoffer Svensson – Lead Artist,
  • Jonna Jarlsson – Animator/ Artist,
  • Ida Lahti – Environmental Artist,
  • Walter Tischkewitz – Sound