Warpers is a 2D casual real-time top-down shooter – created for players who have always dreamed about commanding their own spaceship.

You play as the crew of a small ship of your own creation. With the entire galaxy before you, what to do and how to do it are questions only you can answer. Will you go down in the history books as a paragon of heroism, or will your legacy be that of a notorious pirate? Only time will tell.

The gameplay in Warpers is that of a fast-paced top-down shooter. You control characters on a ship and battle aliens, pirates and mercenaries. By using the captain’s console aboard your ship, you can switch from controlling a character to controlling the ship itself.


  • Henrik Forsman – Producer,
  • Per Johansson – Lead Designer, Programmer
  • Oliver Bolt – Lead Programmer, AI Responsible
  • Viktor Myhrberg – Programmer, HUD Responsible
  • Evelina Venngren – Programmer, Sound Responsible
  • Anita Stenholm – Lead Artist
  • Simon Fredell – Lead Animator, Artist