Sunset Mystery

You play as Noah, a young curious journalist embarking on a short research trip to Wisburg (a picturesque little town with a mysterious history). Upon arriving in Wisburg, you stumble upon a mystery; the disappearance of a local programmer. You have to use your investigative skills to solve the mystery before your week in Wisburg ends. To help you have your trusted journal, your backpack and your loyal (and very special) dog Crumpet. Sunset Mystery is aimed at tablet and smartphone primarily and is developed in Unity with graphical design done in Photoshop and Aseprite.


  • Alec Bergström – Producer and Scrum Master,
  • Ellen Wetterholm – Lead Artist and Product Owner,
  • Hanna Aho Lind – 2D Artist and Animator,
  • Timothée Engel – Programmer,
  • Elizabeth Simpson – Narrative Designer,
  • Angharad Richards – Designer