A Crow’s Quest to World Domination

A 3rd person 3D game about an evil crow that wants to rule the world. You can also poop! Have you always dreamt about playing a game as a power-hungry crow set to take over the world? If yes then this is just the game for you! The first step in your quest for world domination is to get rid of the humans plaguing the park where you’ve established your base of operation. Caw, poop, and peck at their heads in order to collect their skulls and claim the land that is rightfully yours! Soon the world will be at your… feet?


  • Sofie Magnusson – Product Owner & Level Designer
  • Ioana Parosu – Producer
  • Elin Hage – Lead Programmer
  • Klara Pranke – Lead 3D Artist
  • Oliver Rågmo – 3D Environment Artist
  • Ziren Nichakarn Meesamer – 3D Character Artist
  • Daniel Lagnebratt – QA & Sound Designer